Tax Planning

• Pre-and post-immigration Tax Planning
• International Tax Advisory Services
• International & U.S. Tax Compliance Services – Preparation and filing of tax returns with local, state and federal tax authorities for Individuals and Legal Entities
• Formation of Companies
• Registration of Corporate Entities in Brazil, USA and other countries
• General Accounting Services in different countries.
• M&A and Business Development
• Life Insurance Planning

Corporate Structuring
Corporate structuring is the design and implementation of the corporate structure through which you conduct your business. Choosing the right corporate structure is vital to the success of your business and protection of your assets.

Tax Consulting for U.S. Persons with Foreign Income or Assets
If you have foreign income or assets, such as a bank account, brokerage account, business entity, wages, or investment income, it is crucial that you understand your U.S. tax obligations. As a U.S. citizen or resident alien you are taxed on your worldwide income; that is income earned anywhere in the world. Foreign income and assets are subject to complex U.S. tax rules—so proper planning is critical. Without it you could wind up paying more tax than you have to, be subjected to stiff penalties, or even face criminal charges.

Tax Consulting for U.S. Persons Living Abroad (Expats)

Many U.S. citizens or resident aliens have, for various reasons, decided to live outside of the U.S. If you are one of these individuals, remember that the U.S. taxes you on your worldwide income, and requires that you disclose certain foreign financial accounts and assets.








Tax Consulting for Nonresident Aliens
If you are a nonresident alien but have U.S. income or assets, it is important that you understand how the U.S. will tax you, and that the U.S. tax system will treat you differently than it treats U.S. taxpayers. You need to know what those differences are and how they impact you.

International Tax Consulting
Today’s business world is much different than it was even a few decades ago. New technologies have made many traditional business models obsolete making it necessary for businesses to adapt in a world where boarders aren’t always clear. It is now almost as easy to transact business with someone on the other side of an ocean, as it is to transact business with someone across the street.